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Levi’s x Atmos Japan 504 Straight

Posted in Fashion, Lifestyle on June 26, 2009 by strikewithnumbers

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Japanese boutique ‘ATMOS’ has done yet another Levi’s Japan collaboration. This time they’re pattern block was off the 504.  The jean’s yoke and pockets are contrasted with madras material and assembled with contrasted stitching throughout the jean. Very cool concept!


Baker shop exclusives…

Posted in Fashion, Lifestyle on June 20, 2009 by strikewithnumbers

Johnny did some “Staff Only” pieces… Me being the one only in the shop on the weekends… I was the last to get his/hers.. here’s what they look like.. They look pretty dope, I’m sure this is old news for you die hard Johnny Cupcakes fans out there though.

Stay trill.

Papa Smiggs…

To vegas we go!!!

Posted in Lifestyle on February 6, 2009 by strikewithnumbers

Alright, here we go! On our way to a fun time at vegas!!! I’ll be posting on this on a regular with whatever happs!

Peace kings!!!

Well, we’ve actually been here for a day, but damn mobile wordpress wasn’t functional…

cleaning out my closet (continued…)

Posted in Fashion, Lifestyle on February 4, 2009 by strikewithnumbers

Here’s some more footwear items I have for sale…

Mr. Cartoon 2’s
Olive low pro dunk



Click here to see the rest of my eBay auctions.

More to come…


Cleaning out my closet…

Posted in Fashion, Lifestyle on February 3, 2009 by strikewithnumbers

Alright, over the 5 years I’ve accumulated guaps of shoes..
It’s taken me some time to actually consider ridding myself of all these shoes because they just collect dust, and cause so much clutter
in my room, so I’m posting tons on ebay… there’s already 6 (including ones I’m selling for a friend) and I’ve got a few more heaters
that need a nice home… Note all these shoes have been worn at least once, I’ve taken detailed snapshots of them so that eBayer’s don’t

feel they’re being scammed for anything…












Click here to watch any of these auctions on eBay.


time for some late night (early EARLY morning bloggin’)

Posted in Lifestyle on January 30, 2009 by strikewithnumbers

Alright, this is my (our first) entry that actually involves our everyday lives… None of that cool shit for sure, just us at our dullest state ever.
Today the grouplings hung out at Seaside, a quite monumental area in the Orange County area. I mean this isn’t your average doughnut shoppe my friends.
We got live performers who actually work late night shifts slanging you these tasty icing coated fried flour concoctions. Last time I was here with the strikers
was a while back, where one of the workers had sang a tune for a couple bar drunks who had a enraged craving for doughnuts.

This night we ran into a strange anglo-saxon feller. While discussion stupidity and random nonsense amongst ourselves, a homeless man with a trolley luggage case
with a nylon sleeping bag rolled and fastened on top of it approached us as where the nearest bar was (even though seaside is literally surrounded by a bar on each corner..).
SWNce we’re such welcoming individuals we initiated conversation with this gentleman and he gladly performed nonsense acts of entertainment (not that you dirty slugs!)
Preaching to us about how Obama being our new messiah, and doing a NBA like slap-hands with each of us! Dude felt like a star!! What a feller though, funny, and kind enough
to allow muah to take some snaps of him via iPhone. Nothing better then random acts of kindness and it being recipricated to ya.

Slim fit Wranglers and distressed combat boots? Kinda Steezin’

bla bla bla!



Posted in Lifestyle on January 28, 2009 by strikewithnumbers

Wow, this is a bit of a stretch, especially since the world is full of blogs.

Oh well, here’s mine (our) attempt at a successful “significant” blog.

Have you ever wondered what happens when someone who thinks too damn much comes up with?
This will be a test run, just a bunch of deep “non-media” celebrity-esque bull-hogi.

Well anyway, I was at work today, and caught myself reading the story of Issei Sagawa on the newest Vice Mag.
The only reason I gave a rat’s ass about an ‘illminded’ individual was how vivid he explained his mindset was.
I mean shit, the guy painted a picture and stamped it in your head of how it felt to eat a butt-cheek! What I found most
captivating was how he stated that he had eaten the clitoris of his victim (who was a female classmate back while he was studying in France).
This is how he describe it, “I ended up swallowing the clitoris and some pubes without chewing on it because she had her period then and the smell was just horrendous.”
If that didn’t make you glaugh… five paragraphs down will make you wilt in disgust…. (on page 2)


Other than my cannibalistic interest in Japanese Culture, HUF IS HAVING A SALE 40% OFF ON ALL GOODS (EXCEPT SATIN VANS & SKATEBOARD HARDWARE)