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Posted in Daily on July 20, 2009 by strikewithnumbers

OH MAN. How fuckin’ drained I’m feelin’ right now… Hella wanna just hit the iron gym and do a couple pullups but I’m pretty pooped. BBQ’d all weekend with fellow JC staff members, and hung out with some distant, yet close friends in Arcadia on Saturday… It was a major struggle gettin’ my ass up at 6:30am this morning for sure… Seriously felt like 2 ton bricks were piled on my back, not to mention this damn heatwave….. Finally got back home at around 8 after eating some Todai with my boss… Gotta say, for a sushi buffet, that was worth every damn penny. Sashimi up the ying yang… Gotta say, Salmon’s gotta compete with Tuna Tataki now… shit’s like a steak… but pescadarian style.. I’ve pretty much been stuffin’ my face all damn weekend… Good looks to Lennard for putting together another bomb ass food stuffing alley parking lot binge drinking bash… It was dope to meet some heads from around the neighboring shops also… What more is there to ask for this summer? All in all I’m exhausted… gonna try to workout some… and prolly pass the fuck out until tomorrow morn…

Here’s Marvin’ Gaye – I heard it through the grapevine.


-Papa Smiggs



Posted in Daily on July 18, 2009 by strikewithnumbers


Both are staples in my book. A pair of converse chuck taylors can be dressed up or down, and always look better and fit better through time. YSL L’Homme cologne fits all occassions from casual to tuxedo. And these things cost way under a hundo… CHEERS! Just thought I’d let you all know.

-Papa Smiggs


Posted in Daily on July 17, 2009 by strikewithnumbers

Save the date guys, should be fun… If you have nothing to do on Saturday hit up Fairfax Cinemas in LA and watch this childhood classic.. And afterwards we can all do the truffle shuffle together.. HAha

-Papa Smiggs


Posted in Daily on July 17, 2009 by strikewithnumbers

HOT DAMN! It’s Friday and its 6:30am. I got work in 2 hours. I gotta feelin’ its gonna be a quick, fast, and smooth day today. I mean shit, I woke up at this time without an alarm? hahaha

Its funny how living far from family and close friends has got me thinkin’ and shit so much, I mean I’m pretty much a thinker, when it comes to it. But too much thought is a bad stigma… Luckily nothing’s made me beyond insane yet, but I honestly feel my life’s become so much simpler, and more productive since I’ve moved over to Pasadena… It’s nice to be on the dolo once in a while… Sometimes, people take being stag as a negative thing, when in reality, it gives you to play around with the world around you. Shit’s kinda fun, because no one knows me… hahah

-Papa Smiggs


Posted in Daily on July 13, 2009 by strikewithnumbers

mmm.. Just got back from Sin City for the weekend, shit was a blast… Unfortunately this is the only photo I took of the stay there… all in all though, I enjoyed my stay, but fuck, its good to just chill home on a day off before I start off on my long weeks again….

-Papa Smiggs


Posted in Daily on July 9, 2009 by strikewithnumbers

It’s gotta be the combo of vitamin C from the sun hitting their tanned buttery soft complexion, but I was at Americana in Glendale today and it just seemed everywhere I turned every girl… even the not so pretty ones had something to show this summer. Gotta love the sun giving the skin that extra moisture you don’t normally see during Fall or Winter season… Just seems like complexions are just so much more clear and healthy when the UV radiation’s hitting their coca butter and oatmeal lotion spored skin… Hallelooo, if you’re a fine girl and you know your skin’s nice… and you got that well rested glow…. You got that shit goin’ on… keep on struttin! hahaha

P.S. This post’s gotta be the creepiest post I’ve ever posted…

-Papa Smiggs


Posted in Daily on July 7, 2009 by strikewithnumbers

Apparently, there’s this really exoctic, possibly Brazilian woman living in our complex with a yellow drop top 350Z.

Here’s my story:
She approached her car, which was parked right in front of mine, and I couldn’t help but stare… Just for a split second though, didn’t want to make it too obvious that an erection was brewing underneath my 514’s. Oh wow, literally looked like someone you’d see in one of those “BET UNCUT” videos. Her gray knit tunic flowing with the breeze on top of her caramel soft skin glazed and glistened as the sun-rays hit her beautiful hour-glass figure as she entered her passenger seat to place her purse in the passenger side. I couldn’t help but notice the hips on her tight fitting jeans. Oh so amazing. I tried to keep my head low, shit, matter of fact, I just kept my head down, me being shy and shit. I tried to just avoid the whole confrontation. As soon as I heard her V6 engine “roar” I thought to myself… “Shit, I wonder if it’s safe…” HAha… I look up and she’s just chillin’ in her “Pussy Wagon” yellow roadster waiting… waiting… For her car to warm! hahah.. I figured I could chill and be a bit more incognito if i just went out of my car now since she’s pretty much ready to hit the road. So I pop my trunk and toss in my haystack colored fedora by Stussy and shut it. I walked towards her car (as I needed to to get passed the gate and into the apartment complex). My eyes were just wobbling all over the place, but pretty much touchdown at her dark colored lenses tucked under some gold aviators.  She just stared, backed her car, looked at me again, and hit her stereo to 50 bumping “JUICY” and took off… At that point I was like… “ghetto, but damn she’s got swag..” Then just stared as she left the parking lot, and just had one phrase running in my head…

-Papa Smiggs