OH MAN. How fuckin’ drained I’m feelin’ right now… Hella wanna just hit the iron gym and do a couple pullups but I’m pretty pooped. BBQ’d all weekend with fellow JC staff members, and hung out with some distant, yet close friends in Arcadia on Saturday… It was a major struggle gettin’ my ass up at 6:30am this morning for sure… Seriously felt like 2 ton bricks were piled on my back, not to mention this damn heatwave….. Finally got back home at around 8 after eating some Todai with my boss… Gotta say, for a sushi buffet, that was worth every damn penny. Sashimi up the ying yang… Gotta say, Salmon’s gotta compete with Tuna Tataki now… shit’s like a steak… but pescadarian style.. I’ve pretty much been stuffin’ my face all damn weekend… Good looks to Lennard for putting together another bomb ass food stuffing alley parking lot binge drinking bash… It was dope to meet some heads from around the neighboring shops also… What more is there to ask for this summer? All in all I’m exhausted… gonna try to workout some… and prolly pass the fuck out until tomorrow morn…

Here’s Marvin’ Gaye – I heard it through the grapevine.


-Papa Smiggs


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