HOT DAMN! It’s Friday and its 6:30am. I got work in 2 hours. I gotta feelin’ its gonna be a quick, fast, and smooth day today. I mean shit, I woke up at this time without an alarm? hahaha

Its funny how living far from family and close friends has got me thinkin’ and shit so much, I mean I’m pretty much a thinker, when it comes to it. But too much thought is a bad stigma… Luckily nothing’s made me beyond insane yet, but I honestly feel my life’s become so much simpler, and more productive since I’ve moved over to Pasadena… It’s nice to be on the dolo once in a while… Sometimes, people take being stag as a negative thing, when in reality, it gives you to play around with the world around you. Shit’s kinda fun, because no one knows me… hahah

-Papa Smiggs


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