The company we all know and hate has done a pretty cool style manual for their 2009 Fall/Winter collection. I’m loving the new look of what Bape’s pulling through with, tossing out the over abundant bright colored camo prints on hoodies and moving them to more subtle pieces was a smart move. I personally still enjoy what bape does, as it is somewhat a mockery of the society we all live in here in the USA… and I love that even though it has gotten serious celebrity supporters here, and all over the world, a lot of the younger kids who buy it strictly for the fact that A) It’s expensive as fuck B) Pharrell and Weezy rock that shit. This just goes to show that kiddos… tuck away the graphic tees from the thousands of companies stealling your money, and just buy something that actually makes you look less of… a kid.

via Highsnobiety

P.S. And no, it doesn’t mean buy 300 dollar button downs from your momma’s paycheck….

-Papa Smiggs


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