I thought this was genius! It’s true how people are so drawn into the “ECO/GREEN” scene but don’t really understand or they overlook the production and shipment process. Factories run the production of these green businesses, factories that still destroy the environment, even though the fabrics are, umm… ORGANIC? Plus, to consider a garment organic in the fashion industry is simply half-assed, an organic cotton top could be comprised of organic cotton, but the dyes in which they use may NOT. Just think about it, there’s this huge market for this “GOING GREEN” scheme, but do you think  labels (whether it be fashion, produce, dairy, etc.) view it in other means rather then getting more money?

This way of putting product out is crazy unique, where you pretty much just buy the design patterns at low prices, and just pretty much you choose what to do with that, you choose your own fabrication, and your own seamstress… in a way it makes it more YOU, and it lessens the amount of waste.

-Papa Smiggs


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