alright….. it’s been a week.

not to sound like a complaining bitch, but I’mma be a complaining bitch…. Insurance seems to be hella laggin’ on getting my accident settled! yeah, its only a hot damn week i’m sure i could suffer more, and maybe getting a drive from my boss and dad everyday is somewhat of a luxury… its just somewhat of a hassle from both environments…

I went back to my mom’s pad yesterday to get some insurance paperwork that appears to be NOT WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR! I THOUGHT WAS GOING BACK FOR SOME SETTLEMENT CLAIMS AND SHIT AND FINALIZED PAPERWORK, SINCE MY ADJUSTER HASN’T BEEN KEEPING IN TOUCH WITH ME… shit wasn’t…. all it was was a market report and a damage quote… all needed paperwork, but doesn’t get me set up for a new car… bla bla… So I’m guessing it’ll take about another week (or two) until I’m up and able to get mobile….

shit’s stoops…. for real brethren… hahaha





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