It’s been awhile….

Damn, haven’t been on this for a second…

Well… my ep3 was a victim to an accident while parked roadside outside of my dad’s place… Luckily, the person who hit me didn’t run off… but then again… after running my car into this 5 foot wall, she hit a van… The elderly lady pushed my car 5 yards from where it was originally parked…

I’m pretty much stuck without a vehicle (Since my insurance doesn’t cover for loner vehicles)… and I will have to be housebound for the next couple weekends…

Life lessons… Never park your car on a busy street. Shit’s bound to happen.

This car’s just a bad car for me… every year since i’ve owned it, i’ve been in some type of mishap… I guess this was for the better…

On the sidenote, I was able to scoop up some Redwing RW Inspired boots online for free overnight shipping! Can’t really go wrong there… hahaha overnight shipping for workboots is close to 20 USD… hahah, wow I’m full of shit.



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