For all of you who read my blog and actually are intrigued by modern day sculptures and art, you HAVE TO go to the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art from February 15th – April 30th. You’ll take a wiff at Nany Rubins’ monumental 54 foot structure built from airplane parts.

You’ll definitely be catching me there absorbing this gigantic piece of
industrialized art.

For those of you who don’t know who Nancy Rubins is, this sculpture
artist is best known for enormous pieces just like the one seen above.
These massive anti-gravitational pieces of fine art  sort of look like
giant robots. transformers maybe? Its awesome how she uses such
these normal “everyday” items to create such jaw-dropping architectural

Here’s another piece of Nancy Rubins’ work .
“This sculpture, “Big Pleasure Point” comprises more
than sixty rowboats, kayaks, canoes, small sailboats, surfboards,
wind-surf boards, jet skis, paddle boats, catamarans
and other small river and ocean vessels in a cantilevered color explosion
over Lincoln Center’s Josie Robertson Plaza.”

click here to purchase admission tickets to MOCA.



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