Alright, alright….

So I guess Kanye West is back in the states from ‘Parrreeee’. I was in LA doing a quick run-around of retail therapy. I was literally around Melrose for 5 hours that day just scoping through vintage shops checking for stuff that just worked! Anyway, I was at American Rag, Cie. with a couple of my hooligans (Marlon & Avante) just scoping out the product. We were in there for a good half hour before I decided to pass on a pair of women’s 80%20 space boot shoes… We scoped the meter and saw we still had a half hour left in our spot, so we decided to run down to the ‘Triple Threat’ shops, which were about 60 steps away from our current location. As we approach UNDFTD, I see Kanye West inside “Still” (a vintage athleticwear shop, GREAT SPOT FOR STARTER Gear!) I approach Marlon and ‘humbly’ blurt to him “Hey, Kanye West is next door.” SHOCKED and a bit on the skeptical side, Marlon responds with a “HAHA, yeah, right.” I had to pretty much pull out his eyes, and pull him with  them. My heart was beating faster and faster every second, but a kid’s gotta keep some kind of composure right? hahahha… Anyway, don’t want to bore you with my story, I pretty much went up to him when he entered UNDFTD and kindly asked to take a snapshot of his new Louis Vuitton sneakers. He kindly said yes, and modeled them for me.. HAHA


We pretty much hit the grain with that one, because accompanying Mr. West was actor/M.C. Mos Def. I kindly asked to take a snap shot with him, but got shot down (politely might I add) then after that their whole entourage pretty much booked it.



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  1. What about me?!

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