time for some late night (early EARLY morning bloggin’)

Alright, this is my (our first) entry that actually involves our everyday lives… None of that cool shit for sure, just us at our dullest state ever.
Today the grouplings hung out at Seaside, a quite monumental area in the Orange County area. I mean this isn’t your average doughnut shoppe my friends.
We got live performers who actually work late night shifts slanging you these tasty icing coated fried flour concoctions. Last time I was here with the strikers
was a while back, where one of the workers had sang a tune for a couple bar drunks who had a enraged craving for doughnuts.

This night we ran into a strange anglo-saxon feller. While discussion stupidity and random nonsense amongst ourselves, a homeless man with a trolley luggage case
with a nylon sleeping bag rolled and fastened on top of it approached us as where the nearest bar was (even though seaside is literally surrounded by a bar on each corner..).
SWNce we’re such welcoming individuals we initiated conversation with this gentleman and he gladly performed nonsense acts of entertainment (not that you dirty slugs!)
Preaching to us about how Obama being our new messiah, and doing a NBA like slap-hands with each of us! Dude felt like a star!! What a feller though, funny, and kind enough
to allow muah to take some snaps of him via iPhone. Nothing better then random acts of kindness and it being recipricated to ya.

Slim fit Wranglers and distressed combat boots? Kinda Steezin’

bla bla bla!



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