Raf Simons Menswear Collection Fall 2009

I’m sure we all know who Raf Simons is now, since the streetwear to designer movement has been in full affect for a little over a year now.
For all of you who haven’t a clue, here’s a quick rundown. He’s a Belgian fashion designer who utilizes youth inspired silhouettes from the street scene in combination with a wide-array of classic cuts. I’ve got a few pictures I snagged from Style.Com all of which are recent postings from Paris’ Fashion week.

What really caught my eye with a quick glimpse from the photos is how he utilizes oversized sleeves on suit pieces. These are slip on pieces that cover over your sleeves to give it a strange 80’s look. Being a “somewhat” vintage loving individual, these sleeve slips remind me so much of the looks of characters from “Who’s the Boss?” This kind of silhouette makes an outfit awkward in most cases, but how he utilized it on his collection puts a crazy twist on fitted suits, gives it a unique fantasy vampire look..

He also uses a lot of beige and subtle pop neon colors in this collection. Its funny because he uses “Asics” like running shoes on this runway, and makes it look….let’s say, awkward? But then again he looks to be focusing on putting 2 unlikely combinations together.

Click here to view Raf Simons – Fall 2009 Collection



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