Who has the right to choose who dies and who lives?

Father kills family

Father kills family

So, I was doing my normal routine this morning, checking all the websites that i read daily and ran across an article that caught my attention. A father in Los Angeles kills his whole family and then turns the gun on himself.  His family includes 5 children, none over the age of 8 and his wife. Before his homicide he faxed a letter to a media blaming his old employer Kaiser, for firing him and his wife who were technicians there. He believed that they no longer had a future because they were both jobless. ( read the rest of article on cnn.com)

This is an outrage! Our whole economy is suffering from a recession right now, so its a given that some people will be laid off or even companies declaring bankruptcy. Just because we’re going through a hard time, that doesn’t mean he gets to play God and chooses if his family gets to live or not. five innocent kids, probably didn’t even know what was going on, gets betrayed by the one person who is suppose to protect them. What has the world come to? There were plenty of choices he could have made. We have unemployment for this very reason. He could have went on unemployment with his wife and start looking for new jobs. I am still very fired up on this issue. The decisions people make are too irrational. People really need to think things through before executing a bad choice.


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