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Technology Owns Us!!!

Posted in Art on January 30, 2009 by strikewithnumbers

Heres a future foretold in a picture. Technology might end up being our own drug or obsession to some it may already be that dramatic, but to those who aren’t sucked into it heres a grave reminder…


 All things we see and hear are either through the media or the internet. Imagine what technological advances we’ll run into later on. Scientist are at the brink of making a cloak of invisibility,  Nanomachine technology is already being funded. We are relying on Blackberries,Iphones, and other peripherals to get us entertainment, connect with friends and family… It seems like we are losing touch on what is real. Microchip brain implants are inevitable soon we will be in the Matrix so what will you choose the red or blue pill?

Scary isn’t it!

Don’t be a junkie!


KAWS!!! OMG!!!

Posted in Art on January 30, 2009 by strikewithnumbers

KAWS gets set for a trip across the country with his first solo show in Los Angeles, opening up February 21st, 2009. Entitled “The Long Way Home”, the Brooklyn-based artist showcases his trademark pop culture style in the form of new paintings and sculptural work referencing iconic influences with his brand of clever reinterpretations. A large life-size Chum figure will also be making an appearance during the shows opening at the Honor Fraser Gallery in Los Angeles.

Honor Fraser Gallery
2622 S. La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90034


KVA Fall/Winter 2009 Footwear Collection

Posted in Fashion on January 30, 2009 by strikewithnumbers

Creative Director of Dior Homme Kris Van Assche reveals his KVA footwear collection for Fall/Winter 2009


If you got the bread, forget dishin’ out 400 on a new pair of ‘dunks’
These look great with skinny jeans stacked or tucked and look extra
on point when wearing them with less tapered trousers.

Photos provided via Highsnobiety

On another note, yesterday I was in fashion Island lastnight killing time before dinner
and noticed Y-3’s opening up shop this April! Kids, if you start now, you can not eat lunch and
mooch off your friends at school for their lunches and you could probably buy a sheer knit sweatshirt!


Human flesh…

Posted in Food on January 30, 2009 by strikewithnumbers






Just kidding… leftovers from Maggiano’s
That does look a bit disgusting up close doesn’t it… haha


Raf Simons Menswear Collection Fall 2009

Posted in Fashion on January 30, 2009 by strikewithnumbers

I’m sure we all know who Raf Simons is now, since the streetwear to designer movement has been in full affect for a little over a year now.
For all of you who haven’t a clue, here’s a quick rundown. He’s a Belgian fashion designer who utilizes youth inspired silhouettes from the street scene in combination with a wide-array of classic cuts. I’ve got a few pictures I snagged from Style.Com all of which are recent postings from Paris’ Fashion week.

What really caught my eye with a quick glimpse from the photos is how he utilizes oversized sleeves on suit pieces. These are slip on pieces that cover over your sleeves to give it a strange 80’s look. Being a “somewhat” vintage loving individual, these sleeve slips remind me so much of the looks of characters from “Who’s the Boss?” This kind of silhouette makes an outfit awkward in most cases, but how he utilized it on his collection puts a crazy twist on fitted suits, gives it a unique fantasy vampire look..

He also uses a lot of beige and subtle pop neon colors in this collection. Its funny because he uses “Asics” like running shoes on this runway, and makes it look….let’s say, awkward? But then again he looks to be focusing on putting 2 unlikely combinations together.

Click here to view Raf Simons – Fall 2009 Collection


time for some late night (early EARLY morning bloggin’)

Posted in Lifestyle on January 30, 2009 by strikewithnumbers

Alright, this is my (our first) entry that actually involves our everyday lives… None of that cool shit for sure, just us at our dullest state ever.
Today the grouplings hung out at Seaside, a quite monumental area in the Orange County area. I mean this isn’t your average doughnut shoppe my friends.
We got live performers who actually work late night shifts slanging you these tasty icing coated fried flour concoctions. Last time I was here with the strikers
was a while back, where one of the workers had sang a tune for a couple bar drunks who had a enraged craving for doughnuts.

This night we ran into a strange anglo-saxon feller. While discussion stupidity and random nonsense amongst ourselves, a homeless man with a trolley luggage case
with a nylon sleeping bag rolled and fastened on top of it approached us as where the nearest bar was (even though seaside is literally surrounded by a bar on each corner..).
SWNce we’re such welcoming individuals we initiated conversation with this gentleman and he gladly performed nonsense acts of entertainment (not that you dirty slugs!)
Preaching to us about how Obama being our new messiah, and doing a NBA like slap-hands with each of us! Dude felt like a star!! What a feller though, funny, and kind enough
to allow muah to take some snaps of him via iPhone. Nothing better then random acts of kindness and it being recipricated to ya.

Slim fit Wranglers and distressed combat boots? Kinda Steezin’

bla bla bla!


On the (fashion) sidenote.

Posted in Fashion on January 29, 2009 by strikewithnumbers

I know tons of you fashion loving consumerists who adore the hip-hop subculture are up-to-date per sé, and are well aware of the variety of fashion/street fashion blogs up and roaming the world wide web.
I was browsing through Kan the Don’s blog, on a bored day at work and saw this post he had posted yesterday (January 27, MMIX). He’s currently in Paris for their premiere fashion week, and has been posting his get-ups and his “Fuck you, I’m I know I’m the shit” entries.  And endulged in his entourage’s attires…

Mr. West & the Louis Vuitton Negro Gustapo. Dudes look like hybrids of the roarin’ 20’s, the rebellious 50’s, and the rockin’ 80’s

All I gotta say, these boys are fresh, Obviously rockin’ noticeable Louis V. luggage with a wide assortment of designer attire.  I’m not here to point out every piece on each of their get ups (no way in hell I could) but this is definitely why I find Kanye an artist. Not only does the guy produce quality tracks (Say you will, Can’t tell me nothin’, through the wire…) the guys has superb taste in clothes I mean, what rapper do you see an entourage with bright flourecent shoes and leopard leggings? This guy’s on a completely different galaxy in comparison to the rest of rap. Kudos!!! Just looking at this guy’s blog just shows how much into art this guy really is, architecture, fashion, music, female perfection…. all various types of art forms. Let’s just say it, no matter how big a “cry baby” Kanye may be, he’s definitely got his artsy fartsy on point.

Kids can imitate or emulate it, but never duplicate it.

Take a gander at this video:

No male should go through their life without learning how to tie a bow-tie.
What better way to learn then from GQ’s very own Brett Fahlgren..

PEACE CHUMS! Get them bow-ties puffed and ready to boot.